The Technology Carbon Standard provides a structure for organisations to understand, measure, and reduce the carbon emissions associated with their technology infrastructure and usage. It is part of a broader Sustainable Technology Framework that incorporates additional sustainability considerations beyond just carbon.

Specifically, the Carbon Standard focuses on quantifying and minimising the carbon footprint of an organisation’s technology estate.

By providing a structure to categorise and account for carbon across these different technology facets, the Standard aims to help organisations map out their technology footprint, identify hotspots for reduction opportunities, and track progress over time. It serves as a proposed standard for organisations on their journey toward sustainable technology. Adopting the Technology Carbon Standard brings organisations one step closer to fully understanding and minimising the climate impacts of their digital ecosystem.

The Technology Carbon Standard was developed and is maintained by Scott Logic and offered as an open-source project. Scott Logic has aligned its approach with other open-source and science-backed, cross-industry frameworks such as the GHG Protocol and Green Software Foundation.

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